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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IMAX on the Titanic

If you read Greg Hunter's article titled IMAX on the Titanic, I could not agree more. I have been saying this to friends and my family so much they think I am a loon. I finally found another loon I guess.

Mainstream media has been distracting us with what colour Brittany Spears panties are to Anna Nicole Smiths baby. No hard news, look at CNN at any given time, CRAP, should be their new call letters, and the same goes for all media and TV. I don't watch anymore as I can make up my own lies.

When will we wake up, the elite have been raiding the cookie jar, and at a bizarre rate recently. Greed does funny things.

Obama was the great hope of the world that was supposed to our answer, but he is just more smoke and mirrors. Same bunch of crooks run the show.

I will try to use this post to vent and see if anyone else cares, because most people in my circle really want to know the colour of Brittany's panties as opposed to why over 1 million people are dead in Iraq. Should we not count all the dead, not just US soldiers.

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